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Project management

Projects aims to lead and manage change with a start and end point. It's often a temporary effort to create a product, service or result. Every project is unique and the work is done gradually.


Areas where projects are common product and service development, implementation of changes in organizations, implementation of business processes, development and / or implementation of systems, etc.


The project itself is an application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet project requirements and activities. Management of projects includes identification of requirements, setting clear and achievable goals, balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost and to adapt specifications, plans and methods of stakeholder goals related to the project.


Requirements for the manager is knowledge in integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk and procurement.


We at Calvia work with several methods of project management and systems, such as PROPS, PRINCE2, PPS, SCRUM and RUP. We are specialists in managing iterative business, systems development and implementation of standard systems where we combine our business expertise with extensive experience in both standard and customer-specific systems.


Requirements Management


A business is structured and functions by demands from its surroundings. The demands are included in the change of business which is a continuous process. To address these requirements in a systematic and methodical way leads to business success.


Requirements management is a way for the business to describe products and services with the support of systems, methods and processes. Requirements management can be innovative and lead to business success. Lack of requirements management makes it difficult to achieve success when products and services are designed to meet customer needs.


There are many examples where technical solutions in a early stage influence at the expense of the business or customer needs. The requirements should reflect the needs, not solutions. Proper requirements management provides cost-effective projects and time that can also be reused in the next cycle.


Calvia take claims management further by systematizing with respect to the process, staffing and method.



ERP Strategy

Calvia specializes in strategy and implementation of ERP systems for large and medium-sized companies and organizations. Independent of suppliers, we help to develop and implement strategies, procurement and implementation of new ERP systems or changes in existing systems.


A well-functioning organization and processes are crucial for a successful ERP implementation. Our success factors ensure the quality of process and organizational changes.


Optimization of the ERP system generates improved efficiency and increases profits for the organization. Our success factors reduces the risk of delays and cost increases in the implementation project.



Comprehensive services in ERP Systems



Calvia helps companies and organizations with an independent analysis and evaluation of the organization, processes and ERP systems to provide increased operational efficiency and profitability.



We help our clients to define an overall IT strategy and vision for ERP systems, evaluating existing systems, infrastructure and its possibilities as well as to define a viable strategy for improvement.


Selection of ERP systems

Calvia ensures the selection process by guiding clients to the system that best fits their strategy, budget, industry, platform etc. Our services pay for themselves through the continuous savings they generate. 


Organizational Support

Calvia’s methodology for change management helps our clients to develop and maintain sustainable organizational changes when making business improvements. Services include management, training, reorganization, evaluation, development and support as well as communication and inclusion.


Process management

Our methodology of process management optimizes efficiency, increases performance and improves investments in ERP systems.


Implementation of ERP systems

Calvia offers planning, management and completion of implementation to ensure progress and reduced interference. Our methodology ensures the proper functioning implementation and operation after completion of the project.


Future support

Calvia provides services performed by experienced consultants for further successful development of the implementation of the new ERP systems or changes in existing systems. Our consultants complement your organization with expertise while knowledge is transferred to your staff.



Calvia’s approach

MWith a focus on the bottom line and return on investment Calvia uses KPIs, success factors, together with extensive experience, business skills and knowledge of ERP systems in order to support the business of our clients.


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