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Product strategy

With strategic product management we refer to managing the complexity of products. Frequent changes of products with many variants and articles leads to complexity, that is, a lot to handle and communicate. To handle the large amount of facts and information effective methods and tools are needed. Introduction of roles that can highlight areas, create understanding, reduce complexity and clarify the flow of product to the right customer segments is central. By building knowledge about how products are managed strategically, assessing the initiatives needed to drive economy of scale and breadth to profitability will be easier.



Read more about the rationalization of variants and articles:

Rationalization of variants and articles




Calvia has participated in suppling the following:


  • Full analysis of product platforms with respect to variations and articles

  • Establishment of expanded analyzes regarding articles and communality between products in platforms

  • Connecting products in platforms to customer segments through combinations of variants

  • Development of tools regarding the strategic product content details

  • Mapping of product costs, development and quality

  • Product analysis

  • Product portfolio analysis

  • Establishment of KPIs for product management

  • UDevelopment of training activities for introduction of PDM and CAD systems

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